We have a valued team with a great deal of experience, they can guide you through every excercise, whether it be for beginners or our more advanced classes.

Our fully equiped Pilates studio in Rugby is the perfect place to enjoy your classes.



I have built my business on educating my clients with the right information to help them get fitter, stronger and more confident, urging them to go beyond what they think they can do.

Every session is different and every client is important.


Pilates Instructor

I began Pilates on the advice of my spinal consultant, to strengthen my core muscles before a spinal fusion operation. Within weeks, I had such a remarkable improvement in my back and leg pain, the operation was avoided.  I have been teaching Pilates ever since and to me it’s all about improving someone’s quality of life.


Pilates Instructor

Most of the week, I have a desk based job, so I really feel how Pilates benefits me and I believe strongly that Pilates is the perfect way to keep our bodies mobile and strong. I enjoy teaching all ages and working with clients to adapt and challenge.