Spring Into A New Exercise Experience!

We are very excited to introduce Springboards to the Shape It Up Studio.

Use the resistance and support from the Springboard springs to build your strength, flexibility and fitness. The Springboard, which is attached to the wall, will both protect and push you to accomplish a workout for your entire body in both standing and floor-based exercises.

Is the Springboard right for me?

The Springboard can be adapted to suit every fitness ability. So whether you’re looking to fire up your workout, or ease yourself back in, our Springboard classes are a fantastic place to start.

What can I expect?

Trying anything new can sometimes feel a little daunting, but not to worry, we’re here to help. You will find the Shape It Up Studio in Churchside Arcade right in the centre of Rugby. There will be a maximum of 7 people in the class, so you will have a personalised and encouraging session.

Get the perfect membership for only £13 per class!

Best Of Both Worlds Membership

Enjoy 1 mat & 1 Springboard class a week for £26

Spring Board FAQ’s

What is a Springboard?

The Springboard is a unique piece of exercise equipment which is a wall-mounted board with various springs and attachment points.

How does it work?

You use the springs for resistance and support while doing exercises like stretching, and strengthening.

What are the benefits?
Many of the exercises are done standing, challenging your balance, alignment and core strength, the springs provide resistance, which has been proven to help maintain our bone density and muscle strength. It is a full body workout which is versatile and packed with variety.
How will I benefit from doing a Springboard class?
The springs, attached to the Springboard, provide you with resistance which can help you progress your strength, balance and workout intensity. The springs also offer smooth support which can help you achieve a deeper stretch and master more challenging exercises, enhancing your overall strength and flexibility.
Is it suitable for Beginners?
Pilates with the Springboard is customisable, we can adapt the exercises to suit your current mobility and strength. The group is small, no more than 7 in a class and your teacher is there to guide and coach you on how to get the best from your session.
I have a bad back, would Springboard Pilates be suitable for me?
Pilates exercises are used by Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors and Consultants to help people recover from back pain and injury. Depending on your situation, you may need to start your Pilates practice on the mat, slowly build your strength and then progress onto the Springboard, where you can develop your body and greatly reduce your chance of re-experiencing back pain.
What is the difference between a Pilates Reformer and Springboard Pilates?
Springboard: Uses springs on a wall-mounted board for resistance, offering a dynamic and customisable Pilates workout. It is accessible for everyone in standing, seated in balance and floor exercises, a versatile experience.

Reformer: Involves a sliding platform and moving carriage with springs, adding challenge and control to traditional Pilates movements.

Both are great for improving strength, flexibility, and overall fitness. The choice between them depends on personal preference and the type of workout experience you are looking for, we are here to guide you.

Is Pilates Springboard expensive?

We believe that Pilates Springboard will take your body to the next level, whether that be from Beginner level or for those who have lots of Pilates experience.

If you are interested in keeping your body strong and supple without injury alongside a fun and sociable atmosphere then these classes are for you. The Springboard classes cost just a few pounds more than our regular mat classes and they are worth every penny!