This 4 session Recovery Package will help you to build confidence in your body.

After an injury or a period of pain, we want to avoid experiencing that discomfort again, we know that exercise and movement is essential,

So what is the right thing to do?

During the 4 sessions we will work together to restore your confidence, deepen your understanding of your body and discover lots of new ways of moving, without causing pain.

This package includes:

  • 4 one hour one to one sessions, either online or face to face
  • Detailed, personalized homework videos that you can keep for your use forever
  • Lifestyle tricks so you can lift, sit, stand, garden, play sport…. whatever it is you love to do
  • An equipment pack with resistance band, spiky ball, pilates ball & loop band
  • After the 4 sessions, you can then enjoy a complimentary month of Pilates & Cardio Core classes with Shape It Up Pilates

Total cost: £220.00

Book A Discovery Call

Book in for a 20 minute discussion with Anne to confidentially discuss how your body feels, what you would like to see change and understand how our movement sessions could help you.