Pilates is an exercise method that helps you connect and get to know your body.

You are encouraged to feel the specific muscles working, so you can strengthen or mobilize the areas of your body that need it the most.

Each class focusses primarily on your core muscles (pelvic floor, back, stomach and shoulders) alongside your breath and your awareness – all three together deliver a strong, meaningful workout that you can use in your everyday life and sport to prevent pain and injury.

The classes are small, between 8-10 people, instruction is personalized to you and guidance is provided right throughout the class.

All you need is a membership and if you are unsure, please go ahead a book a Discovery Call or contact us on 07905 718136.

How to book your ‘Online’ Membership?

It couldn’t be easier, just click Memberships and choose the option that is right for you.

Need help? Call us on 07905 718136 and we will get you going.

Book A Discovery Call

Book in for a 20 minute discussion with Anne to confidentially discuss how your body feels, what you would like to see change and understand how our movement sessions could help you.

Our customers explain why they enjoy Pilates

“I go in sometimes feeling stiff and sluggish and after 1 hour I come out more upright, more flexible and definitely energized”

“Exercises can be tailored to suit most individuals. It is a serious class but we also have a laugh. Teachers are knowledgeable and friendly”

“I feel well supported during the class and I am confident that the instructors are paying attention to me and the way I perform the exercise so I am not risking injury”