Holistic Core Restore­®

This is the course that can really take you from feeling confused to empowered, from weak to strong and from not knowing what is going on in your body to feeling secure.

https://shapeituppilates.co.uk/book/#tmup=/p/1184642-shape-it-up-pilates/memberships/This unique pelvic floor and core course will give you the essential exercises and life skills you need to keep your body strong, well into the future.   

This course is  ideal if you have had children, a hysterectomy or a prolapse repair (or have a mild prolapse).  

Firstly, I will ask you to complete a Health Questionnaire which will cover your general and pelvic health.   

We will then meet, go through the questionnaire and check your core function to ensure this course is a good fit for you.   

 You then will receive  your course booklet and all the exercise kit you need for the course along with your login details for the filmed homework. You will be asked to complete the homework 4-5 times a week. The homework is progressed over the weeks, so as your strength and co-ordination improves you are challenged further. 

The following six weeks is run ONLINE and you will receive two workouts a week from myself and from Jenny Burrell, the programme creator. You will continue to build on the skills and strength you have developed in weeks 1-6.

I will be in continuous contact with you throughout the course to ensure you are managing all the homework, helping you to stay on track and to reach the goals you want to reach.

This is the course that Every Woman should do once in their life!

 Cost of the Programme:

The six week course including assessment, equipment and all online homework and handouts is £26.00 a week for six weeks.  The group then has a choice:

Continue for another six weeks at £26.00 per week in the Studio with a live class & online homework.


Continue for another six weeks with a one off payment of £84.00, or two payments of £42.00 which would be delivered online with online homework and ongoing support.


Click here to book; https://shapeituppilates.co.uk/book/#tmup=/p/1184642-shape-it-up-pilates/memberships/

Feedback from past clients of Holistic Core Restore®

“I have had less back pain, have much better core strength and my pelvic floor has improved a lot.”

“Stopped having leakages, Feel stronger, Less pains”

“The course has made me feel stronger and fitter and the niggling pains in the arches of my feet, in my right knee and my right shoulder have all disappeared but best of all I am finding that I don’t need any protection because there aren’t any oops moments.”

“It’s working” a text I got from a client after week 5, she had come back from a walk without leaking

“Starting to feel my body again after my baby and build some great foundations for strength. I’ve definitely become more aware of my movements and pelvic floor and working on moving my body as a unit. I already feel stronger and more confident with movements.”

The Next Holistic Core Restore® dates:


New course:

 Friday, June 14th at 13.30-14.30 for six weeks, finishing on July 19th 

Weeks 7-12 completed online with support

 Live Continuing course

Tuesday, 19.40-20.40, weeks 7-12, finishing on July  30th


 Last course for 2019:

Tuesday, September 10th, 19.45-20.45, finishing on October 15th

Weeks 7-12 completed online with support

Friday, September 13th, 13.45-14.45, finishing on October 18th 

Weeks 7-12 completed online with support