Holistic Core Restore­®

the course that will help you understand what is going on in your body, why and what you can do about it – HERE IS MY STORY.



What would it feel like to be part of a course where your own pelvic floor &  core experiences and challenges were central to your exercise, nutritional choice and lifestyle ? 

What would it feel like to be really listened to? Where your past history, your current challenges and your future goals are all taken into account so you can finally move forward with a clear step by step plan?

How would it be to share this experience with a group of like-minded women who can share your frustration, successes and feel comfortable to ask the questions you need answers to?

How would it feel to get back in control of your pelvic floor and core function?

The 6 week Every Woman Holistic Core Restore Course provides you with all of the above and more:  

  • Firstly, you will complete a confidential Holistic Core Restore Health Questionnaire which will cover your general, pelvic  and core health.
  • We will then arrange a time to meet to go through any questions from the questionnaire, check your core function (this may include a hands on assessment of your breathing, a diastasis check and a light release of any tight scar tissue) to ensure this course is a good fit for you.
  • You then will receive your course booklet and all the exercise kit you will need for the course along with your login details for the filmed homework. 
  • You are then ready to go with your weekly live course.

Alongside our weekly class, I will be in contact with you throughout to ensure you are managing your homework and to help you to stay on track so you can get the most from the course.

Cost of the Course:

The six week course including assessment, equipment, all online homework, handouts and additional contact is £26.00 a week for six weeks. 




The Next Holistic Core Restore® dates:

FULL – Friday, January 10th

14:00-15:00, finishing on February 14th


Saturday, January 11th,

11:00-12:00, finishing on February 15th

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