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Beginners Pilates Workshop, June 14th 2022

by | Feb 6, 2022 | Workshops & Retreats

Beginners Pilates Tuesday, June 14th at 18.30-20.00

A face to face workshop, in the Pilates Studio in Rugby.

Let s build you confidence and give you the right tools to help you build a strong, resilient body.

If you are totally new to Pilates, or would like to return to regular classes, then this workshop is for you.

Over the 90 mins you will:

  • Understand & feel where your core muscles are located
  • Connect to your core and feel when they are on/off
  • Get active and feel these muscles working in all positions
  • Learn key exercises which will strengthen your body and improve your alignment

The Workshop is just £20.00, and limited to 8 places. You will also receive a copy of the key exercises from the workshop, so you can practice at home.

You can also discuss with your instructor the best next step forward in keeping you strong and pain free.

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