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Mind Reset, Body Recharge Day, April 24th

by | Feb 2, 2022 | Events, Lastest News

Welcome to the Women’s Health and Happiness Reset and Recharge day.

A day dedicated to you.

Take a step away from the busy world and re-connect – with nature, your body and your true potential.

Start to recognize the thoughts and actions that may be stopping you from enjoying your life to the FULL or taking the next step into something NEW.

The day is not about making radical changes, but more about becoming aware and seeing things from another, more helpful, perspective.

I guarantee you will leave with really practical tools and practices that will help you well into the year ahead.

Oh! and we plan to have A LOT of fun & food and IT’S IN A YURT!

Does this sound familiar?

  • “I’m a bit exhausted”.. after the past 2-3 years, or just from life in general
  • ” I feel a bit stuck…I would love to feel different, but don’t yet know how to unstick myself”?
  • “I do the same things, almost sleep walking through the days, I miss a sense of purpose”?
  • You like exercise – but – your body has changed, maybe you ache or you have an injury, or you’re bored with your current routine?
  • You want your movement to build you up rather than leave you feeling drained?

What will we explore?

  • How we are wired, as humans, and why we get stuck?
  • Your own patterns of thinking, your mindset, recurring thoughts and habits
  • Discover if there are some limiting, subconscious, beliefs that might be holding you back and how to begin to replace them with encouraging, supportive thinking.
  • Experience the exclusive Reset & Release Flow movement sequences designed particularly for women to release tension from your jaw, shoulders, lower back, hips and pelvic floor.
  • Understand how your thought patterns can affect your movement.

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The Plan for your Day

9.30-10.00am Arrive Enjoy some tea, coffee and settle into your day
10.00: Get ready for the day with a morning meditation and intention setting
10.15: Reset Discover how humans are wired and deepen your awareness of the thoughts and patterns that maybe holding you back, and why we can get stuck in these limiting beliefs.
11.45: Recharge Easy movement sequences to release the tension, you were not even aware you were holding onto, particularly in your jaw, neck, shoulders, hips, lower back and pelvic floor. Let go and feel amazing.
12.45: Lunch Nourishing lunch is served
13.30: Reset & Recharge A chance to digest all you have experienced this morning with a guided, silent walk exercise in the beautiful surroundings
14.00: Reset Replacing old thoughts & behavior patterns with new and empowering ones, a series of exercises to help you develop new habits.
15.30: Recharge A dynamic movement session to build strength, power and confidence in your body and mind.
16.30: Guided Reflection and Onward Intention setting Wrap up the day with this guided reflection session. What are you going to take back to your daily life? Set an intention and receive a physical token to take home so you stay aligned with your promise.

So, what will you leave with after your one day Reset and Recharge?

  • Clarity on the things that are important to you with a real feeling of being grounded and centered
  • A deep or deeper sense of who you are, your purpose and passion
  • An appreciation and gratitude for what your body can do and how you can enjoy the skin you are in
  • A simple, practical toolkit to help you recognize the negative or doubting voices that crop up when you want to try something new or different, and replace them with encouraging, supportive thinking.
  • Start to recognize the times or symptoms when you need to take a step back and avoid burn out or overwhelm

Would that be worth coming to this Women’s Health and Happiness Reset & Recharge Day? Of course it would!

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Where is it?

Wootton Park, B95 6HJ, set in 350 acres of Warwickshire countryside. We will be using the beautifully large, heated Yurt, surrounded by green fields and countryside but also with plenty of fully functioning toilets and running water!

What is included?

  • Everything !
  • Parking is on site and free.
  • Food and drink is provided, this includes lunch and snacks- please let us know of dietary requirements
  • All notes, paper and pens are provided.
  • All exercise sequences will be provided to you, in video format, after the event.

Your investment?

£125.00 for the day, but of course the value you get will keep giving well into 2022 xx

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Who are your guides?

Anne Simonsen: Recharge Guide

Anne from Shape It Up Pilates has been teaching in the fitness world for over 20 years. She is passionate about instilling independence and confidence so you can take up and enjoy new activities, exercise and sport without worrying about how you will manage. Anne has designed some exclusive movement sequences to release the common female hotspots in the jaw, neck, shoulders, lower back and hips (also some stunning pelvic floor work-shh!)

Keeley Addison: Reset Guide

Keeley of has spent 15 years helping women become strong and capable leaders in business. Keeley has been trained directly by Brene Brown (from TED talk fame) on her Dare to Lead programme.  She has a deep desire to walk alongside women like you and help you unlock your potential and avoid burnout and overwhelm. Keeley will give insight into how our minds and emotions are wired, and how to harness these – with practice- to feel better.

We will do a mixture of group and individual work so we can learn from each other but also tap into what’s most relevant for each of you.

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Feedback from our January Reset and Recharge Workshops:

”Kelley was fantastic, she created a great atmosphere to talk openly”

“Really useful tips on how to manage stress and look after myself”

”Was great to speak to women in the same boat, don’t feel so alone”

“Realized I need to take better care of myself and not just do the same thing everyday”