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5 Ways to Build more movement into your day

by | Dec 3, 2021 | Articles

1. Get your feet on the ground and walk as many places as possible. Those steps will add up, energize you and release stiffness.

2. Store your most used dishes in the lower cupboards of your kitchen. Now you can  squat every time you need a dish!

3. Always, always use the stairs, and move when you are on the escalator., Your bags can provide resistance, your buttocks and legs will sing with joy!

4. In the evening sit on the floor, pop a cushion under your backside and your back against the sofa, keep changing your position over the evening, getting up, sitting down on the floor, stretching and gently moving.

5. Use your door frame as a great place to stretch your arms above your head and release tension from your shoulders, neck and upper spine. Just reach up, curl your fingers around the beam- stretch and breathe.