ready for some face to face classes? Come and join us at caldecote park, july 10th

LIVE ONLINE classes continue

pilates classes that are safe & effective. 

you are in safe hands, receive useful, personal coaching in every class.

enjoy a variety of ‘live’ streamed classes for you to access at home

the recovery package

The 8 week complete recovery plan.

move away from injury, loss of muscle strength and stiffness and get yourself back to  moving and enjoying your life.


Welcome to Shape It Up Pilates in Rugby.

You can now book, face to face, personal Pilates sessions, or share the session with someone in your bubble.

These will take in the Studio in Churchside Arcade.

Perfect for helping you get back into exercise, recover after an injury or focusing on your overall strength and stability, essential for all movement.

Group classes are remaining online until September, click the link to view the  ‘live’ streaming timetable.

Mindful movement can inspire you to move more and every session is an opportunity to bring positive change.

7 day pilates pack

Get started right away, enjoy seven online Pilates workouts, one for each day of the week! You can access the workouts straight away.

Get started now, just £20.00

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